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Size: 4"
Color: multi

Photo courtesy of Saratoga Springs Wild Birds Unlimited

Chickadee - photo courtesy of Savanah Wild Birds Unlimited

Bird Nesting Balls

Bird Nesting Balls

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  • Enjoy watching birds build nests? How about giving them a helping hand with this Bird Nesting Ball? Birds will flock to this item to pick out pieces of alpaca fiber to add to the nests - adding warmth and insulation to their homes in the process! Hang a few from trees and watch as your flying friends build new warm homes!

Product Description

Provide all-natural alpaca nesting material for backyard birds. Alpacas, cousins of the llama, have fleece that is stronger, warmer and lighter in weight than wool. The fleece is hypo-allergenic and comes in 22 natural colors and numerous shades. The 4” nesting ball will offer birds a soft, insulating material with which to line their nests. When exposed to the elements, the fleece dries back to its natural, soft state.

Each nesting ball is individually created with fleece from alpacas that are regionally raised.

Information provided by All Things Alpaca, LLC. Patent Pending.

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