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Rugs: Designs Vary
Colors: pink, purple, green, blue, browns

Texas Rugs

Texas Rugs

Price: $149.00

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  • Been waiting for your very own alpaca rug? Well your wait is OVER!
  • But don't wait much longer - we can't seem to keep these in stock! Get them while they are in stock!!
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  • PACA PADS - 15 x 20 - $25.00 - perfect (only smaller!) mini versions of the rugs - make great seat "fanny fatigue"cushions, stadium seat warmers, provide warmth between those hard bleachers, cold leather seats, and more!

Product Description

Been waiting for your very own alpaca rug? Your wait is over!

Perfect for the house, store, entry way, deck, barn, pick a location! These handy and sturdy rugs are exactly what you are looking for - robust and designed to handle the toughest customers - YOU and your family!

Simply brush, sweep, shake, vacuum, dab clean...hose them down! They will stand up to the challenge that you give them! Made from the neck/leg fiber of the alpacas, you know they will handle anything!!

But don't wait much longer, we can't keep these in stock!

Choose from natural or dyed alpaca!

Call or send email to to order.